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September 11th

This project had a 3-month time line and was designed to create 2 videos meant to imitate the style and type of information contained in a news broadcast. 3D graphics were created using Blender, effects compositing was done using Adobe After Effects, and video import and editing was done with Adobe Premiere.

The first video, September 11th News, is designed to be summary segments, and gives a good overview of the events.

The second video, September 11th Depth, is designed to be along the same style as an in-depth 60-minutes type news broadcast.

September 11th News

Video run time 00:03:30

700K - 15.1 MB
100K - 2.46 MB

September 11th Depth

Video run time 00:21:58

700K - 96.4 MB
100K - 15.2 MB