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Bubble Factory

Bubble Factory is a fast paced action and puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, available now on the App Store. The goal of the game is to collect the bubbles while keeping them safe from the bubble traps. The accelerometer and multi-touch display of the iPhone and iPod Touch are fully utilized to move and blow the bubbles into the collectors while keeping them safe by destroying the traps. Bubble Factory features realistic physics, polished graphics, a full set of sound effects, and energetic background music. There are 25 levels of bubble collecting fun and 5 challenges to test your bubble collecting abilities for hours of play! You can compare your best scores with your friends using the local score storage.

Bubble Factory - Main Menu Bubble Factory - Gameplay Bubble Factory - Gameplay Bubble Factory - Gameplay Bubble Factory - Gameplay


  • The Options can be changed from the Settings application on the device.
  • Gravity plays an important part in the game. To prevent the bubbles from drifting off the screen hold the device with the screen level with the ground.
  • In order to avoid popping the bubbles with the blower it can be easier to touch the screen near the bubbles on the opposite site that you want them to move in. Swiping your finger is often not required.
  • In most of the levels bubbles that drift out of the playing field without being popped count as protected and will not bring down your protection percent. You can turn any level with traps into a challenge by allowing the bubbles to drift off the screen instead of collecting them.
  • If you have touched the screen with the weapon active but do not wish to fire activating the blower will cancel the targets.
  • If you want to clear out all of your progress and saved scores then go to Options and tap Reset Game. This can not be undone.

Using the Level Browser

  • Levels displayed with a lock icon have not been reached. Once the level is played one time then the level will unlock.
  • Tapping on the name of the level will launch the level.
  • If any scores have been saved for the level then the highest score will be displayed next to the level name. Tapping on the score will bring up a list of all of the saved scores for the level.