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The Dorm Room

The goal of this project is to re-create a typical college dorm room. There are three phases to this project:

  • Phase 1: Inside and outside space still shots for print. (complete)
  • Phase 2: 24 frame animation with sound. (will not be completed)
  • Phase 3: Full motion animation with sound. (will not be completed)

This project was stopped at phase 1. The renders provided here are what was completed when the project was stopped.

You can look at the reference pictures here.
You can look at the test renders here.

Test Renders

Now that the basic environment is complete, a test animation was rendered to find out if the textures stand up when animated. Below are two frames from the animation.

Video run time 00:00:17

700K - 709 KB

Phase 1

The goal of Phase 1 was to create 2 images, one depicting inside space and one depicting outside space. Color tones (warm tones for inside, cool for outside) were used to further enhance the effect.

1800 x 1200 - 463 KB
800 x 533 - 88.2 KB

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