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Poster - To The Moon

This poster was designed to make a simple political statement of "think twice". Inspired by the recent goal (March 2004) set by President Bush to put man back on the moon and even to Mars it brings home the point that you canít do it all with a limited budget. The poster brings to attention one of the losses as a result of these new goals.

During discussion of this poster with others the point was brought up that putting a telescope on the moon, one of the possibilities resulting from the upcoming plans to go back to the moon, would be worth the loss of the Hubble. I have to agree, if the Hubble stands in the way something bigger and better than it should be discarded as it is well beyond the designed lifespan. However decisions such as these should not be made on political agendas alone.

Photoshop and Blender were used to produce the poster. The images on the poster are from NASA.

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