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Tommy Solomon Site

This web site was created for Tommy Solomon Custom Yacht Restoration as an upgrade from their old site design. They wanted a web site for their business that was new, cleaner, and easier to maintain. Solar Flare Studios, using reference images provided by Tommy Solomon as well as elements from the old design, produced the layout and graphic design for the new site. Custom PHP code was also created for the image gallery, allowing for adding and removing images with the same ease as adding and removing files from a directory.

This web site has continued to grow and evolve gaining additional features and design elements. One of the biggest features of the site, the photo gallery, was brought straight to the front page through the use of a Flash-based slide show.

The web site also takes advantage of Solar Flare Studio's in-house template engine for easier and less error-prone site-wide updates.

Solar Flare Studios is responsible for content updates and maintenance for this web site.
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