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The video files on this site have been encoded using Windows Media Video v9. Using this format allows for one of the best file size to quality ratio that can be found as well as progressive downloads. Not only do we save space and bandwidth, you get a higher quality video experience.

Q: Can I play it on Windows?
A: Yes. Your computer should already have Windows Media Player installed. If you donít have it, or have an old version, go here to download Windows Media Player for Windows.

Q: Can I play it on Mac OSX?
A: Yes. Go here to download Windows Media Player v9 for OSX.

Q: I donít want to install Media Player on my Mac. Can I still play the videos?
A: Yes. There is a component for QuickTime that allows Windows Media Video playback from within QuickTime. Go here to download it.

Q: Can I play it on Linux?
A: Yes. Mplayer can use FFmpeg to play Windows Media Video. There are other players as well.

Q: The video is playing very slow/choppy and/or has audio-video sync issues.
A: Try playing the low-bandwidth version of the video, if available.

Q: It still doesnít work, where can I get more help?
A: Try taking a look here.

Q: I think Windows Media Video is a horrible format. Can I give you one that is better?
A: Please do! Windows Media Video was chosen because it has the best size to quality ratio that could be found. If there is something better, we want to know about it!

Q: I would like one of the videos in a different format.
A: Please send us a request via e-mail to