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Solar Flare Studios Wallpapers

The Solar Flare Studios Wallpapers application is a gallery of beautiful images specially formatted for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It is available now on the App Store. The hundres of images featured in the application are created by and exclusive to Solar Flare Studios. Each image can be saved to the device photo gallery for use as a background or lock screen image.

Solar Flare Studios Wallpapers iPad Solar Flare Studios Wallpapers iPhone/iPod Touch


The application is a great showcase of iOS functionality:

  • In-App purchases to remove watermarks from the images.
  • Supports and automatically detects all resolutions of iOS device displays. (iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch Retina Display, iPhone/iPod Touch)
  • Fast app switching (multitasking) support.
  • Web connected using a custom JSON API.
  • Intelligent caching of data and automatic re-freshing as needed.
  • Use of UIKit for the user interface.