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Wildlife Explorer - The Great Rescue

Wildlife Explorer - The Great Rescue takes the storyline presented in Wildlife Explorer to a new level. The project is a game written in Flash that features you, the Big Can, going on an adventure where no trash can has gone before. The game features a top-down view on a 3D environment with full-motion, cell shaded 3D animated cinematics to put you into the story. Level 2 has music that shifts based on the game play situation. It takes 10-20 minutes to play the game from start to finish. You need a computer with a 1GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent CPU to ensure smooth game play. The total size is about 23MB with four individual loading periods.

Launch Game
Get Flash
If you do not have Flash or just want to see the cinematics you can watch them by viewing the video below.
Video run time 00:02:30

High Definition 720p - 47.2 MB
700K - 12.7 MB
100K - 1.74 KB
An alternate version of the introduction cinematic was created more in the spirit of the original Wildlife Explorer video and is available below. The video was rendered in Mental Ray for Maya with motion blur added in Adobe After Effects.
Video run time 00:00:31

700K - 2.56 MB